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As a design engineer, I want to KNOW that Rose Medical can take the drawing I have in my hand and make it into a medical device with the utmost quality and the lowest amount of hand-holding possible.

If It’s Born From A Tube, We’ve Made It!

You can be confident we at Rose can make – or has made – something exactly like the design drawing you hold in your hand.

Scroll down to see images of finished medical tubing products we’ve manufactured for clients over the past 20 years and see a sample list of therapies our customers support.

Wire-Reinforced Silicone Tubing

wire-reinforced tubes

Wire-Reinforced Silicone Tubes

Tipped Silicone wire reinforced shafts

Silicone-Tipped Wire-Reinforced Shaft

wire reinforced silicone and urethane tubes

Wire-Reinforced Silicone Tubes
Single- and Multi-Lumen

single lumen wire reinforced catheter

Single-Lumen Wire-Reinforced
(Tipped and Notched)

multi-lumin wire reinforced cannula with hole punch and tipped

Multi-Lumen Wire-Reinforced Cannula (Hole-Punched, Notched, and Tipped)

Medical Radiopaque Thermoplastic Tips

Medical Ultrasound readable thermoplastic tip

Medical Radiopaque Thermoplastic Tips


balloon cannula assembly

Balloon (Cannula)

balloon catheter assembly

Balloon (Catheters)

silicone RCSP with balloon inflated

Silicone RCSP with Balloon Inflated

medical balloons urethane

Medical Balloons (Urethane)

Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannulae (RCSP)

RCSP Assembly

Cardiovascular RCSP (All PVC)

all silicone Cardiovascular RCSP

Cardiovascular RCSP (All Silicone)

Medical Heat Shrink

Heat Shrinking Medical Device

Medical Devices, Heat Shrink, Skived, and Tearable

heat shrink background

Balloon Covers,
Ready For Packaging

Endoscopic Devices

Endo Device pieces and assembled device

Endoscopic Devices (Pieces)

Cuffed Endoscopic Device

Cuffed Endoscopic Device (Finished)

Brachytherapy, Internal & Sealed Source Radiotherapy Devices

Brachytherapy Balloon Applicators

Brachytherapy Balloon Applicators

Brachytherapy Internal Radiotherapy

Brachytherapy Internal Radiotherapy

Brachytherapy Sealed Source Radiotherapy

Brachytherapy Sealed Source

Brachytherapy Endocurietherapy

Brachytherapy Endocurietherapy

Medical Introducers, Guidewires, Dilators, and Catheters

Introducer guidewire dilator catheter

Introducers with Hubs
(Small, Very Long)

Medical Device Tipped and assembled

Medical Introducer,
Tipped and Assembled

flange hubbed catheters

Flange-Hubbed Catheters

how do you tip a tube so small

Tipping of very small Introducers

Medical Device tips and flares very small

Tipped and Flared Introducers
(Very Small)

Medical Sheath

Medical sheath skiving hole punching sliting and tipping

Medical Sheath with Skiving, Hole-Punching, Slitting, and Tipping

Medical Obturator

medical obturator tipping

Medical Obturator

Soft-Tip Cannulae

Clear tipped notched hole

Clear Soft-Tip Cannulae
(Notched with Distal-Tip Hole)

medical tubing tipped and hole punch

Soft Durameter,
Blunt-Tip with Hole To Center

clear medical tube soft silicone tip multi-lumen

Clear Soft-Tip Catheters (Multi-Lumen)

Medical Device tips and hole punching very tiny

Disposable Tips (Very Small)

Pad Printing

catheter pad printing

Catheter Pad Printing

tip-forming thermoplastic

Tip-Forming Thermoplastic Catheters

Silicone Adult Vent

tipped hole punched coated printed

Silicone Adult Vent

Medical Reflow Tubes

Medical reflow tube tipped with window

Medical Reflow Tubes
Tipped with Windows