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Automated Assembly Equipment Finishing | OEM Medical Devices

Our experience is wide ranging, so no matter how simple or complex your device, we can find an efficient and repeatable process for making it. We have extensive expertise in:

Tip Forming

Over the past 20 years we have developed our own custom tipping equipment. Designed and built here at Rose by Rose Engineers, our process controls far exceed anything that is commercially available and allow us to produce some of the most complex tips in the industry. From very long tapered tips, to tips with complex geometry or simple spherical ends, we have the staff and equipment to exceed your expectations.

Medical Device & Catheter Bonding

Our Engineers have extensive experience in catheter bonding, using Ultraviolet cure adhesives, RTV adhesives, Cyanocrylates, and solvent bonding.

Hole punching / Skiving / Notching

From a single hole to a large array of holes we can help. We will recommend the best method and design a simple fixture or automated machine to meet your production needs.

Pad Printing

Rose has extensive experience printing on medical tubing and other devices. We can help you develop a solution to your demanding printing needs. We will develop a process and recommend an ink based on your materials.

Polyurethane Dip Molding

We have years of expertise developing and manufacturing polyurethane dip molded parts. Our engineers can design a process for your product from scratch, or optimize your existing process for production on our custom built dipping machine. We have experience molding parts from 0.002″ – 0.020″ wall thickness with smooth and textured surfaces.

Medical Device & Catheter Assembly

Medical Catheter notching and tipping

We have the systems and personnel necessary to assemble your device. We are experts in medical device and catheter bonding, cutting, skiving, hole punching, printing, tip forming, packaging and much more. We also provide a wide array of testing before we ship, such as simple visual inspection, 100% pressure decay leak test, pull test and other custom developed inspection.

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