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Design For Manufacturability – Engineering

We take pride in our ability to help customers from start to finish with medical device contract manufacturing. No matter where you are in the development cycle, we can help you. Some of our services include:

Process Development – Our engineering team has extensive experience in bringing your design from concept to production. We will design a cost effective manufacturing process for use in one of our class 10,000 clean rooms, utilizing our team of highly trained clean room assembly technicians.

Product and Process Validation – Proving your product consistently functions as intended can be a time (and money) consuming process. As a leading medical device contract manufacturing company, our engineers have the expertise to design a testing plan that will meet your requirements and get the product to market as soon as possible.

Prototype and Short Run Development – We are willing to assist with your early development and production needs when volumes are small. This may include prototypes, design verification, and small volume production runs. Our medical device contract manufacturing company also has the resources to ramp up production and provide you with high volumes as your volumes grow.

Tooling & Automation In-House – Rose has in-house resources to produce most of the tooling and automation used for your project. We will design, build, and implement your small machines and fixtures as well as larger automated equipment that are cost effective and timely. Also, since we design and build it: we’re experts at maintenance and repair, too. This dramatically limits any potential downtime.