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Secondary Operations

Medical Balloons

In addition to design and manufacturing for medical and catheter balloons, we can attach your compliant balloon component to a tube thermally or through a solvent.

And we can dip-mold your balloon in polyurethane or similar materials with wall thicknesses ranging from +0.002 to +0.03.

Catheter Tube Printing

Catheter Tube Printing

Heat Shrink – Medical Manufacturing

A great example of our flexibility and ingenuity: When a customer required a scored tube to flare by 400 percent, we developed a unique application to deliver on time and on budget.

Surface Treatments


Medical Tube Tip Welding

Medical Tube Tip Welding

Packaging and Shipping

Butt Welding

Reflow and Multi-Layer Shafts


Coating: OD and/or ID