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Tip Formed Catheters | Contract Manufacturing

Based on your extruded tube specifications (thermoplastic), we can thermally form the tip at the end of the tube to create a safe and reliable component to meet your clinical needs.

We bristle if you think of us as “catheter tip forming guys” because we’re much more than that.

By adding heat during catheter tip forming, we fundamentally change the geometry of the tube. In essence, we start with a “tube,” a raw material and convert it into a medical device, one that’s biocompatible for surgical and related uses.

Thermoplastic Tipping

We didn’t buy a tipping machine from a tipping machine company so we could work on your project.

No, instead, we engineered our own thermoplastic tipping machine.

Our customized approach allows us to vary the critical parameters of catheter tip forming (power, time, pressure, cooling, and more) during tip formation to optimize the work product you specify.

Silicone Tip Molding

Since silicone is a thermoset plastic, tubes extruded from silicone will have a tip molded to the end of the tube. We do that too.