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Wire-Reinforced Silicone Cannula, Catheters, Shafts, Tubes

Silicone is the premier tubing material because of its flexibility and biocompatibility. Our process adds the reinforcement to the medical grade silicone tubing, which resists crushing and kinking so the conduit remains open.


Rose Medical has a proprietary process for encapsulating a reinforcing wire inside medical grade silicone tubing. We have certified class 10,000 clean rooms, one of which is temperature (±2°F) and humidity controlled (±5%RH) specifically for silicone processing.

Through the automation and innovation of this process, we have reduced some of our customers’ cost by 50 percent or more. This is an abbreviated list of our capabilities:

  • Internal diameters from 0.050″ – 1.0″
  • Reinforced lengths up to 48″
  • Wall sections as thin as 0.01″
  • Multiple reinforced sections possible
  • Single-lumen or multi-lumen tubes

Once produced, we can overmold the medical grade silicone tubing assembly for side lumens, customized tips, and related design specifications.


While co-extrusion is an efficient process for continuous spools, when laminating a urethane tube in discreet lengths, a different approach is required.

We start with an inner extrusion, wrap it with reinforcing wire, then slide the outer extrusion over the assembly, and reflow (melt/laminate) the extrusions together.

This approach allows us to tailor the reinforcement to your design criteria. That is, the cannula manufacturer can:

  • Start and stop the reinforcement
  • Vary the pitch
  • Add reinforced sections
  • And implement other modifications as you require

All Custom

While silicone and urethane are the most commonly used materials for cannulae, catheters, and shafts, we’ve worked with a wide range of raw materials.