Tip Forming

Rose Medical is an industry leader in tip forming devices of all kinds including dilators, introducers, catheters, obturators, and more. Custom built tipping machines paired with in-house tool design allow for a wide range of tip geometries, sizes, and lengths.

•Blunt tip
•Long taper (>3”)
•Closed end

Catheter Lamination

Full range of complex catheter reflow capabilities to meet your specific device requirements. 

  • Multi-layer & multi-lumen configurations with varying durometer or material along length 
  • Discrete length coil or braid reinforcement 
  • Embedded marker bands in precise locations 
  • Lengths up to 6 feet 

Wire Reinforced Silicone Cannula

Silicone cannula wire reinforcement to achieve superior kink and crush resistance while maintaining flexibility advantages of silicone. 

  • Inner Diameters ranging from <0.050″ to over 1″
  • Single lumen and multi-lumen designs 
  • Environments dedicated to silicone processing 

Injection Molding

Rapid Prototyping and full production injection molding performed in ISO Class 7 environment. 

  • Inser molding, overmolding, catheter and cannula molding
  • Vertical and horizontal molding machines
  • Rigid, flexible, colored, clear, engineering, commodity, and speciality materials
  • Complete molded part qualification strategies

Laser Processing

 Rose Medical incorporates the best of YAG and Fiber laser systems for marking, etching, cutting, welding, and drilling parts of all shapes and sizes.

•UV laser with attached vision system for precision marking
•Depth markings, logos, French size indications
•Spot and Seam Welds using 4-axis CNC laser machine centers
•Electrode welding, deflectable catheter assemblies, battery welding
•2-axis Fiber Laser
•Flexible hypotube cut patterns, stents, pull wire rings

PTFE Forming

Full range of complex catheter reflow capabilities to meet your specific device requirements. Experts in the secondary processing of PTFE to maximize the beneficial properties and meet your unique requirements. 

  • PTFE Tipping
  • PTFE Flaring
  • PTFE Shape Setting
  • PTFE Forging
  • Discrete Length Etching

Silicone Molding

Rapid prototyping and full production molding preformed in environments dedicated to silicone processing.

  • Liquid Silicone Rubber and High Consistency Rubber
  • Durometer Rage: 05A-70A
  • Component Molding and Overmolding
  • Prototype and Producing Tooling Strategies

Dip Molding

Rapid prototyping and full production of custom, compliant balloons.

  • Silicone and Urethane material
  • Typical wall thicknesses ranging from 0.002” to 0.020”
  • Smooth or textured surfaces
  • Overdipping of metallic stents and structures

Device Assembly

A complete array of vertically integrated assembly capabilities to provide customers with a turn-key supplier for all their cannula and catheter device needs.

  • Bonding (Adhesive, Solvent, and Thermal)
  • Pad Printing
  • Hole Punching and Skiving
  • Functional Testing


Wide range of packaging capabilities to meet your needs, from components to complete devices. 

  • Tyvek pouches
  • Thermoformed trays
  • Custom cartons and backer cards
  • Complete label management