Device Assembly

Combining all our unique manufacturing capabilities with standard bonding and assembly techniques to provide customers with a turn key solution for medical cannulas, catheters and other medical device equipment

Wire Reinforced Cannula

Silicone and Thermoplastic catheter wire reinforcement for superior kink and crush resistance while maintaining flexibility

Catheter Tip Forming

As leading catheter manufacturers, we use heat to shape the ends of introducers and catheters into atraumatic geometry for easier dilation, better guidewire tracking, or the perfect fit between dilator and cannula

Multi-layer Cannula

Laminating multiple layers of extrusion together to improve lubricity on the interior, embed markers into the cannula body, and allow the exterior to be marked, over molded, or tipped

Design for Manufacturing

Getting involved with design teams at an early phase to engineer manufacturing cost out of the device and ensure success in long term production of medical cannulas, catheters and other medical device equipment

Pad Printing & Laser Marking

 Applying depth locations to medical cannulas for improved functionality or logos for brand recognition


Sealing medical device kits into sterile barrier pouches and trays, and delivering fully labeled products in shelf and shipping boxes so they are ready for distribution

Dip Molding

Forming compliant, soft balloons by dipping mandrel profiles into a liquid urethane solution

Silicone Molding

Transfer molding components and inserts using liquid silicone or gumstock