Design for Manufacturing

Rose Medical is a medical device manufacturing, engineering and design company that focuses on technical solutions to unique manufacturing challenges.  To accomplish this, we design all our tooling in house and most of our tooling is fabricated on site as well. As a result, our medical device manufacturing, engineering and design team can offer insight on which design changes can offer advantages with:

  • Lower tool cost
  • Increased process capability
  • Reduced development time
  • Improved cycle times

All of which lead to a more stable, profitable product in the market.  

Because of regulatory restrictions in the market, the best time to discuss medical device manufacturing, engineering and design is at the onset of your project, but we continue to partner with customers over the life of their products to engineer out cost.  Examples of projects Rose has taken on to improve capacity and profitability for our customers:

  • Design and build custom for machine for forming dilator handles to improve long term stability of the part and increase production capacity.
  • Purchase UV laser marking equipment and design a custom interface to simply our supply chain and improve lead times.
  • Seek out alternate material sources for cost driving components and setup pricing structures to leverage volume discounts.