Cannula Marking (Pad Printing and Laser Etching)

Many medical device and cannula marking manufacturers use pad printing and laser etching for depth marks to assist in use or logos for brand recognition.  Rose has experience printing on most cannula materials and can recommend an ink and pad printing process for your application.  As cannula marking manufacturers,we have the machines in house for pad printing and laser etching large and small markings and we can design clichés and nesting for most applications.

Some substrates like polyethylene and PTFE are challenging to mark with pad printing inks.  As cannula marking manufacturers, Rose has unique solutions for these pad printing and laser etching applications that can adhere effectively and are cost effective.  Give us a call or send us an e-mail; we’d be happy to talk through options for your specific project.

Laser Etching

For some applications laser etching or laser marking a device is a more robust solution than pad printing.  The downside of laser marking is that parts can only be marked in grey and the material must be loaded with an additive that will react to the laser, but the advantages often outweigh the limitations:

  • Marking is controlled by a digital system with precise controls and rapid setup time
  • Etching on the devices does not rub or flake off
  • Process is more robust than pad printing over long manufacturing runs

After testing a wide range of laser marking options Rose decided to use a UV laser for etching devices.  This offers the widest array of materials that can be marked.